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10 months ago
Plava televizija

RE-ENTER final meeting in Virovitica

Pomoć novim i postojećim poduzetnicima starijim od 45 godina. Virovitička razvojna agencija s partnerima izradila internetsku platformu s analizom poslovnih praksi.

10 months ago
Razvojna agencija VTA

RE-ENTER in Virovitica

VTA prezentirala online edukaciju RE-ENTER

10 months ago
Don't ease into retirement: Women age 65 and over are finding new success in business

Don't let age limit you!

A small but growing group of women are starting businesses at age 65 and up, finding success just as their peers ease into retirement. This new group of entrepreneurs are creating new businesses at a ... See more

10 months ago
SWOT Analysis - What is SWOT? Definition, Examples and How to Do a SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis - How to do it? Take a look at one of the videos included in our educational program at reenter.eu

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors and opportunities and threats are external f...

11 months ago
Edukacijska web platforma RE-ENTER | Razvojna agencija VTA

Razvojna agencija VTA će održati prezentaciju i testiranje web platforme RE-ENTER u četvrtak 11.7.2019. godine u 18:00 u Gradskoj vijećnici Grada Virovitice.

Pozivamo vas da nam se pridružite.

RE-ENTER ili „Povratak na tržište rada kroz samozapošljavanje“ je projekt sufinanciran od strane Europske unije kroz program ERASMUS+ a provodi ga Razvojna agencija VTA u suradnji s pet ... See more

1 year ago
Naslovnica - Ostvari san u Hrvatskoj

Ostvari san u Hrvatskoj - poticanje poduzetništva od strane Ministarstva gospodarstva, poduzetništva i obrta.

Više na linku ispod:

Projekt Ministarstva gospodarstva, poduzetništva i obrta OSTVARI SAN U HRVATSKOJ predstavlja pozitivan zaokret u promišljanju i tretmanu poduzetništva.

1 year ago
5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Get Serious About Online Education

5 Reasons pro Online Education

The Internet has changed learning and business for the better. What's more, you can wear your pajamas to class.

1 year ago
5 Simple Ways to Identify Business Ideas That Could (Really) Change the World

Simple Ways to Identify Business Ideas

Want to come up with a world-changing business idea? First step, think locally. What exactly does your community need?

1 year ago
Want to Start a Business? Follow These Tips to Come Up With a Winning Idea.

Want to Start a Business? Start With What You Have!

To come up with an idea, start with what you have.