Development agency VTA (Razvojna agencija VTA) is professional, reliable, enthusiastic and well recognized agency in the Region of the Continental Croatia. Development agency VTA was established by a Decision of the City Counsil of the City of Virovitica in 2013 as a public non-profit institution. DA VTA is the first local development agency registered as an institution in Croatia. The only founder of the Agency is the City of Virovitica and the main task of DA VTA is to provide technical and advisory support to programs and projects of significant relevance to the City. Main goals of DA VTA are to increase economic activity, generate economic growth and to increase standard of living in the City of Virovitica and Virovitica-podravina County.

DA VTA possess significant experience in preparation and implementation of programs regarding EU funding proposals and it had prepared several projects related to entrepreneurship, employability, tourism and local development. Some of the most valuable projects DA VTA has implemented or that are in implementation are as follows:


  • Integrated development program “5 minutes to 12 for the Castle”,
  • Construction of access roads for parcels in Entrepreneurial Zone III in the City of Virovitica – Phases II and IV
  • Beekeeping revolution – build competences and foster employment
  • Renovation of public schools and kindergarten with the goal of energetic efficency

Total value of DA VTA projects that are currently in implementation is over 15 million €. Development agency VTA at one place gathers public institutions, policy makers, SME, rural businesses and civil sector.