Learning Detours V.A. Ltd is a private company that works with special interest groups, corporate teams and students, to design and implement customised learning experiences. We combine different learning methodologies, theories and tools in and out of the classroom, in an effort to achieve better results. The company was established in Larnaca in 2015 and took over some of the training and development activities of X-Panel Ltd, which are further implemented by staff with extensive experience in management training, business support and project management. Through action learning, we aims to bring together business teams or groups of individuals who seek to find solutions to different challenging, complex, urgent problems, while having fun and learning something new. We use innovative training and learning approaches, tools and methodologies that have been acquired from third parties (eg. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY, COACHING & MENTORING) or developed internally and in cooperation with other European organisations through different European projects (including Lifelong Learning Programme) covering topics such as Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Talent Management, Business Strategy and Team Performance. In the area of Vocational Education/ Training, in the last years we aimed to improve talent management, promote mentoring, contribute to ecotourism development, develop loyalty schemes, increase cooperation of local producers and tourism sector, etc.

The target group of our training and facilitation activities have always been adult learners. We have worked with entrepreneurs, managers, employees, university staff since about 15 years; in the last few years we have successfully implemented several mobility projects, both sending students for work experience abroad and receiving them in Cyprus.

By mixing different types and modes of training (e-learning, interactive workshops, traineeships abroad) and different target groups (students, young graduates, employees, entrepreneurs) we are in continuous development of training tools and methods. The growing number of long-term local and international partnerships allows us to extend our training offer and achieve desired results

and impact for our clients.